12 April 2014

Off White Juju Hats available for PRE-ORDER!

As of RIGHT NOW, our Large Off White Juju Hats and Medium Off White Juju Hats are available for pre-order. We have limited stock arriving late April, so pre-order to avoid disappointment!

(above) A quiet corner of our home. Nothing beats a daybed. And PS Juju clusters are officially the new black (I think so anyway!). Clockwise from top left: 

09 April 2014

ADORE: A (NEW NEW NEW!) Book of Colourful Interiors

Oooooooooooh it's here! It's here! It's here! Well. ALMOST.

ADORE is a beautiful soon-to-be-released hardcover coffee table book filled with colourful interiors and is the creation of Adore Home magazine editor Loni Parker.

And it's finally available for pre-order at Table Tonic ($49)!

Yes, this is the coffee table book Loni so cleverly "crowdfunded" (people pledged money, pre-ordering their copy, sight unseen!), raising over $35,ooo! And the result? Spec-TACULAR. Pre-order at Table Tonic ($49).
The book is divided into 10 chapters according to room type, with plenty of inspiration and eye candy to get your inner designer adorning. Adore breaks down why a room works and offers styling tips and colour theory facts you can file away for future DIY projects. Pre-order at Table Tonic ($49).
There's even a chapter on creative walls and entertaining to help you get the most out of your space. At the end of each chapter, a panel of homeowners and interior designers share their helpful hints and words of wisdom on a whole gamut of decorating topics. Pre-order at Table Tonic ($49).
ADORE pre-orders will be dispatched mid May, so click here to pre-order your copy ($49)!

07 April 2014

Bangin' Toy Basket: FOUND!

There's just something about an enormous basket, isn't there.  I'm note sure about you, but I love nothing more than tossing "things" into a large vessel and ending up with a tidy house. Yes - I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU TEDDIES, DOLLIES, VERY CUTE, YET ENORMOUS MOUSE AND RANDOM SKIPPING ROPE. PS Can't wait to read on? Click to buy in Charcoal ($185) or Natural ($165).

We're talking a cavernous opening, handles you can actually hang on to and enough space inside to fit a small donkey. Natural basket ($165).
And when the aforementioned basket looks this good? 
Aren't they beautiful? Hand woven from Natural Jute, a sustainable plant. And yes, that's a FULL SIZE PILLOW (below). These things are huuuuge! Size is 50cmL x 36cmW x 36cmH (these dimensions are for the base of the basket however as the sides are flexible, it appears much larger and slightly rounded).
A practical piece for those who appreciate natural fibres and handcrafted work. Great for storing toys, wood, laundry, newspapers and much more! These baskets are durable, eco-friendly and the neutral colour will look smashing in any space. 
And bonus points for being Fairtrade.
Suddenly thinking how good the fire wood would look in one...

Our jute baskets are handwoven by women working within a Fair Trade program in Bangladesh. These talented women combine traditional weaving styles with contemporary designs and natural materials. These guys will literally last you a lifetime!

Click to buy in 
Charcoal ($185) or Natural ($165).

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